Monday, December 1, 2008


Guess I should have tried on my conference trousers before I left home......just going to have to suck it all in over the next few days! 

Last night was registration and drinkies at the Te Papa museum, which was fun, got to catch up with a few people, reminded myself that my ability to remember names is getting even worse, drunk more than a few glasses of wine (still feeling those this morning). Then went out to dinner with Mireille and a few others which was really fun. 

This morning it all starts, meeting up with a crowd to walk on over there, so hoping to grab a cup of tea on the way....they do nice tea here, and don't look at you like you're mad when you want milk in it......:0)


nea said...

you get crazy looks for milk in tea?

RGW said...

yeah, most of the coffee places are used to me on campus so don't look at me madly when I ask for an inch of room for milk......remember it was the same in MA too sometimes.....sometimes not......but here you can just ask for white tea and voila!