Sunday, December 28, 2008

Procrastination - What's your method?

Procrastination = a type of behaviour characterised by deferment of actions or tasks to a later time. 

And boy, can I be the queen of it from time to time. 

From the poll on this blog, the top rated procrastination method was "Googling", coming in a close second was "Arts and Crafts" and then "Cleaning & Watching TV", and finally "Laundry and Shopping". 

Though I fully admit to googling an awful lot, combined with internet shopping, my favourite procrastination method is "Arts and Crafts", followed a close second by "Laundry" and often I combine these two. When I have a review to do, paper to write, samples to run and my brain doesn't quite want to do it just yet, I throw in a load of laundry, pick up the crochet hooks, break out the soap making supplies, open up my bead stash and sometimes even make pins and beads from modelling clay - anything but sit at my desk! 

But, in my defense, at least this way I still feel like i'm doing something useful, something that would need to be done at some point (hey....that new baby really does need one more hat or bar of soap right?) and once finished with the project, I can often concentrate with bliss on what I should have been doing all along, and knuckle down far harder than I would have should I have forced it earlier. 

Some of my recent Arts and Crafts (I'll pass on showing you my laundry, you can just trust me there is always a lot to be done...) - 

Tired of mugs of coffee and tea going cold too quickly, but don't want to resort to metal thermal mugs - try a mug cozy! These are truly quick and easy and use up those yarn ends, if anyone wants a pattern let me know, or i'm happy to take orders as long as you don't mind it being out of scrap wool and waiting for my next brain fade for me to do it! 

Soaps by the Lye method. Boy this is a learning curve that i'm still bent over. But I think I got my first batch of nice hard bars yesterday....I will blog on this method in detail sometime, when I'm happier with the results i'm getting.....

I love crocheting hats. They are so easy and instant gratification! Top are a bunch of kids hats made for Mollie and Lucy, Dahlia and Finn. These would work wonderfully knitted too (with some stretch in there!), basically a straight rectangle closed at one end (fancy stitches optional, they look great even with basics) with bobbles and ties for little ones. This bunch were made out of wool from recycled plastic bottles too, making them even more fun for me to make. 

The bottom hat i'm whipping out today. I'm off to Fairbanks Alaska in just over a week and decided I wanted a new hat for the occasion. 


nea said...

awesome awesome awesome! seriously,finn's hat gets so many comments! and he can't take it off and doesn't seem to want to. and, i love love love all the soap. and the mug cosy...when i saw that in my mom's stocking loot, i thought HOW COOL! missed you this year!

BookyG said...

Crocheted hats are all the rage in southern CA, I know because I see them on the heads of the folks who can afford to come up to Mammoth (and pass through Bishop) to go skiing.

It is super cool that you can whip out a hat in a day.

DDd said...

Dahlia loves her hat! I think I already told you that she even keeps in on these days... and we always get comments on it when we're out and about. What ya going to Fairbanks for? Job interview by any chance?