Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas come-down

Well, the power came back on just after midday yesterday, having flickered on and off a few times in the morning. Stian caught his flight out with no delays and an upgrade to first class, and i'm sure right now is being jumped on by his niece and nephew. The cause of the black-out has still not been released, so it'll be interesting to hear exactly what happened, this is apparently the first time the whole island has lost power since an earthquake in 2006. 

So i'm feeling the christmas come down now, not that to be honest I was all that built up this year. The trip to NZ really stopped me prepping for xmas in any serious way here, and the short visit by Stian was really nice, but now my house feels empty and i'm not totally sure what to do with myself. So it goes when visitors leave. I have a long laundry list of things I need to do, so I guess i'll start picking them off one by one. The first one being actually get out of bed. It's finally stopped pouring it down here, so maybe i'll check that first one off. 

Stian's last day here. We did two of my favorite hikes and went snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, which I (amazingly) hadn't been to before, it was beautiful! The two hikes we did were Makapuu Lighthouse and Koko Crater Railway. Here is the Koko Crater Railway, it's a grueling 1300 steps all the way to a stunning view at the top. Stian went ahead as I had to do a few things in the mall, and then I followed him up. The arrow is where he is in this photo! 

3/4 of the way up where we met, me on the way up and him on the way down. That was enough exercise for me (and boy do my thighs and calves feel it today!) and so I went on down with him.

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nea said...

i posted about the let down feeling, too. and apparently, when bella saw S, she screamed with glee. S is amazed the mellow finn is no longer quite so mellow. well, i think he is still mellow, just into EVERYTHING!