Friday, February 19, 2010

Over the hills and far away....

My last week, in pictures, because it's 11.58pm and I have a 7am flight back to Hawaii tomorrow.....

I rented a mini-van for the trip to Lutsen Ski resort. Though a stressful rental (the car they were going to give us got in an accident the day before and they didn't have anything else, so we had to change company - all at 10pm at night!), it worked out perfectly, enough room for 3 adults, 2 kids, four sets of ski gear, two tabogans and a whole host of food and warm clothing!

Our hotel room, though very basic, was ski in ski out, so was awesome. Kim took this photo standing at our front door. Carney is already in his ski's, i'm a little less adept at getting the ski's on.

Another view from our front door, Carney and I on the ski lift going right over our hotel block. Lutsen was really awesome, we got a great deal on a two night stay (with ski passes included), shared a hotel room (two double beds) and had all our own gear. So combined with enough easy and hard runs to keep us all amused, it was a fantastic short get away.

Sammy concentrating hard on her ski form. Just as a reminder, she turned 3 last week. 3. Amazing....

The girls at the chalet at the top of Moose Mountain. I'm so going to miss the girls!

The view. That's lake Superior in the background.

Lake Superior formed the backdrop of most of the ski runs, it was so beautiful up there, and we really did get the best weather - snowing one day and clear the next.

Riding up in the cable car.

The lower Chalet - there were a couple of them around. No, I did not attempt the moguls. But I can now say green runs are no problem, and I tackled most blues just fine. One in particular was a little steep for me though....not quite up to the black runs yet.....:0)

Some other going's on this week, it hit a balmy 0C, so we decided to BBQ on the back deck (eating inside).

The girls all went to a winter carnival which was fun. Showing Sammy and Taylor how to pet a sled doggy. We unfortunately didn't get a ride, next visit.

On a sleigh ride around Fort William.

Today Kim and I went on a snowshoe around Kakabeka Falls. Only the falls weren't falling at this time of year. They were quite solid.

Snowshoe diva.

Tomorrow I am off. I'm going to miss the Mathesons so much. Storytime in particular.


nicola@which name? said...

home already? wow. temperature change here you come. and no soap mold for you yet, sorry.

PleaseRecycle said...

Wow, that looks like a great time!! Fantastic way to combine work with a holiday.

LSULiv said...

I can't believe you only needed a sweater in 0C weather. I wear tights and a sweater in 30-40 degrees!