Saturday, February 20, 2010


Well, i'm still here! A major mess up with my tickets and I (hopefully) have a flight out tomorrow. Well, I do have a flight out tomorrow, from Minneapolis onwards I am not so sure. I have a 30 minute layover to clear customs, drop my bags and get to my next plane, so i'm 99.9% certain i'm going to miss it. Needless to say, not booking through that travel agent again......we'll see how far I get!

So what to do with an extra day? Sledding, toboggan and luge of course!

At the top of the hill....

Sliding down! I was on a small thin "magic carpet" sled.

The mini luge at the local park. Fun! And soooooooo fast!

And then we dropped into the ice racing going on - cars, with studded tires racing on ice. Bit like banger racing, only on ice. Think disney on ice. Fun!


bsa said...

What a wonderful way to make lemonade from lemons! When we lived in Norway we had studded tires for the winter (legally required) but I never heard about any racing. I hope today's flights went well. Aloooha!

LSULiv said...

That looks SO fun!