Thursday, February 25, 2010

Playing catchup...

Why does it always feel like i'm playing catch-up rather than being on top of things? Ish, what I would do to have a personal organizer! So in addition to expenses for travel, for interview clothes, gifts (for my lab tech and for a new baby next door!) of course I realised it is also tax time. I wish my memory went back a year ago, but i'm sure when I owed last year I went and changed my W4. This year however I seem to owe more! Maybe I didn't do it? Either way, a) i'm glad I looked now so at least I don't suddenly have to produce it on april 15th; and b) i've already made an appointment with HR to change my W4 tomorrow!

I wish I understood the whole thing more, as i really feel like i'm doing something wrong. If anyone has any good W4 advice for "guessing" how many exemptions I should take that would be awesome - it's been an interesting situation - in Massachusetts I always seemed to get $500 or so back, since i've moved to Hawaii i've owed nearly $1K each year! I do the turbotax thing, and being an alien don't have much to deduct, so i'm relatively sure I haven't messed that up too much....but ouch!

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nicola@which name? said...

you are further than i am. i just realized we have flex spending from 2009 to file for before march 1 or lose it and i haven't started taxes!