Monday, May 31, 2010

Back in Hawaii......for 5 days anyway.....

So i'm back in Hawaii for a short time, on friday I leave for a conference in Iceland, so have a butt load of work to do, including making my two posters to take to that conference. Luckily today is a holiday though, so it'll be peaceful and quiet at work, perfect environment to get a ton done. I'm hoping to be done with at least one poster today, and to do all my travel documents and paperwork for the last and coming travel.

I'm also doggy sitting for Jenny and Doug, so have two puppies sitting at my feet right now wanting their breakfast. It's 6am, so i'm going to make them wait another hour.....if I can stand the drool! Jenny's dad has been sick for a long time, and last wednesday went into the hospital, so Jenny, Doug and Hannah all went over to Oregon. Yesterday he passed away peacefully. So i'm thinking a lot of one of my favorite families, including Aunty Mary who lives on the Cape and I got to catch up briefly with last week before she headed to Oregon.

Needing something to occupy my brain while too jetlagged to work yesterday, I started on these little fellas. I want to make a mobile for a friend who's baby is due in September, and thought I could make little crochet animals using amigurumi techniques. These two are my "practice" ones, which will be awaiting little Hannah when she returns.