Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Some wanderings from Ottawa, this afternoon I should be getting my passport back, so we'll be headed back towards New Hampshire tomorrow - woo hoo!

We went on a boat tour of the river, which was beautiful and relaxing!

Yesterday we went to Gatineau Park, which is a gorgeous 150 acre park, literally 10 minutes from the city. Lots of hiking trails and old houses.

Some flowers in the Kingswood Estate, beautiful english style gardens.

Sitting on a bench watching a waterfall after a short hike, Kate, Cheryl and me!

Tulips are still in bloom, and still beautiful!

Covered bridge in Wakefield, where we had a wonderful all organic dinner. Some kids were jumping into the river from the bridge. From the yells, I think it was cold.

I love the architecture of the covered bridges.

And you can't come to Canada without seeing baby Canada geese!

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Cherry B said...

Love your flower and bridge photos! Enjoy the rest of Canada :)