Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

Sundays always are hard for me. A large part of me wants to jump out of bed and do something active - go for a run, do a long hike, swim several laps to the flag and back at Kaimana beach. The other side of me just wants to stay in bed, to rest after a busy week, catch up on sleep, email, web doodling and maybe even an episode or two of my latest Netflix addiction. My Gemini tendencies I guess. The trouble is Sunday is just not long enough to do both!

Today the lazy side won out. I had every intention of trying to do something active today, and maybe I will squeek in a trip to the gym (though i'm doubtful). This week has just been too exhausting, and I've had a cold since Monday which is showing no signs of going away, and I need to kick it before I fly on friday.

So today a "Lazy Sunday". And it's a good thing I didn't get too motivated early this morning, as about an hour ago the rains came down, and right now it feels like a train is going over my roof it's coming down so hard. Makes having a lazy sunday a little easier on the sole though.


Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Lazy days are lovely. You are soon to be on-the-go, so lounging now is nice!

BSA said...

Sounds like you made the perfect decision before it was made for you!