Friday, July 13, 2012

Heading Home....I hope!

Heading out of Churchill, unfortunately delayed so we're having to spend a night in Winnipeg and hoping to get out of there tomorrow, though that is still to be determined! It's been a whirlwind few days, but very informative and a good taster of what I can bring the students to hopefully next year. 

Getting ready to get wet! That white bump above Phoebe's head - it's a beluga! 

Getting in at Cape Merry. 

Our faithful bear watchers! 

Thirsty work all this snorkeling. 

A beautiful sunset over the center. 

The Miss Piggy plane crash from the 50's. It is called Miss Piggy because it carried all the sweets and good stuff  to Churchill. 


Signs up all over town. 

The closest we got to a Polar Bear! 



More Belugas! 

Even more! 

And More! 

The eskimo museum - very cool! 

And a storm for the last day in Churchill! 


kmw said...

thanks for sharing more beluga photos! Hope you had a fun trip.

DDdd said...

Dahlia will be so jealous that you saw belugas! Though you did promise her you would.