Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In the arctic

Made it to Churchill yesterday and today has been a full day. Phoebe and I are only here for 5 days to check out the research station and find sites for an educational program next year. Today it was checking out sites, tomorrow it'll be getting in the water! 

Science and guns. What could go wrong?

Looking out to Hudson Bay

The wreck of the Ithaca! 
Tundra plants - so beautiful. 

Phoebe, excited about science! 

Sled dogs! 

The Churchill Northern Studies Center

More beautiful tundra plants. 

The white bumps are beluga whales! And there's ice bergs in the distance! 

More Beluga whales!

Looking out over the estuary. 

Snow geese!

Let the science begin! 

Excitement of the evening - a flat tire 15km from home, with no tools, no communication and in the middle of polar bear alley. Fun fun fun. it's was a SLOW drive home! 

The latest in my collection of outhouses of the world - in the middle of Polar Bear alley! 

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kmw said...

Lance and Haley love the beluga whale images! Thanks for sharing.