Saturday, July 7, 2012

House project #1!

The week it was a holiday - July 4th, so I took the 4th and 5th off to get started on a first house project - building a kennel in the basement! Brandon came over and helped me out. We managed to get Phase 1 finished (inside area) and eventually we'll put up and outside area and connect the two with a doggy door. Barkley is still apt to head for glass windows when distressed, so this safe area for her is going to be a plus if I need to go shopping for an hour or two this summer when it's too hot to leave her in the car. It's quiet, dark and cool down there, and i'll get her a nice comfy bed and toys for it, so i'm hoping  she'll come to like her little area. It also doubles as a spot for Brandon to leave his two dogs when he visits, as they usually sleep in a small kennel in his garage, so a home away from home for them. 

The bonus too is that we decided to just frame out a room the traditional way and line it with chicken wire instead of drywall - so if I ever want to change it, I can drywall it and it'll be an awesome pantry (in fact, I think I want another room walled off to be a pantry!). 

Brandon putting up the first wall! 

Barkley checking out her new area and giving it the paw of approval! That's the crate she was shipped over from Hawaii in. We moved that, it won't be in there to remind her of that, it was just a handy table for the day! 

The finished Phase 1! You can just about see the chicken wire. Now just to decorate! 

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