Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Canada Stinks Eh!

Well, not really, but this guy does. I was lying in bed last night around 1am and swore I could smell a skunk. Then this evening, as I took out the trash, I saw this little fella rooting around. So I ran back in and got my camera, unfortunately a little dark (it was 9.15pm!) for a good photo. But as I was taking his photo a security guy came up and said there was a bear wandering around (and I think he thought I was crazy taking photos of a skunk). So I decided to go for a little walk and see if I could see said bear.

I was just finishing up a circle of the student accommodation and saw a field of bambi. Totally curious too, walked right up to me. Just as I was taking this photo the security guy circled again and came over. He said I was making him nervous and that I should go in now. Poop. No bear for me tonight, determined to see one this trip though! To dark for a good photo anyhow, I need a midday sighting.....

My home, the Avila building on campus.


bsa said...

I don't know about skunks!! This rather reminds me of finding them, and their aroma, in and around the cottage in the back garden! Not my favorite thing!

LSULiv said...

I think you're a tad nuts for seeking out the bear! But good luck finding one at a safe distance that's still photo-friendly :)