Sunday, August 2, 2009

Last days on the Cape

The Vegetarian Buffet at the Coonamessett Farm - yum! This is a summer staple, every friday they have an all you can eat buffet (vegetarian and sometimes they do meat too) using many of the vegetables from around the farm, as well as extras. The weather was overcast, but this actually made it way less busy, which was nice!

You can also bring your own bottle! Me, Laura and Alison! Breck, BL and Kate (Owens) also joined us for the meal - it was in fact BL's idea - good one BL!

And animals too!

I did manage to go swimming on one day, but the week was mostly overcast and rainy. Falmouth Heights beach.

Hanging out with the Soules, such a wonderful family!

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nicola said...

beautiful! i can see how you miss it!