Sunday, August 2, 2009

This day.

Today I am borrowing some words from a friends blog (and i'm sure she won't mind). 

I choose not to remember this single day in her life. I choose instead to remember all the other days I got to spend with my sister. We had a lot of fun on those days, and it's my choice not to mark this day again. It doesn't mean I don't miss her everyday. 

Sophie Megan Waller, July 2nd 1986 - August 2nd 2003

Sisters. I definitely liked red back then.....
....and she liked pink! 
Watching the waves with Adam. 
Happy Auntie with Jack. 

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nicola said...

oh, rhian. thank you for this post. you don't talk about her (at least you haven't to me) a huge amount, so this is special. thinking of you both today. i especially love the big sister/newborn photo of you two.
huge hugs.