Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thunder Bay

It's been a very busy week. Setting up, doing lab work and unlike previous visits, dealing with stuff back at Hawaii. Every other time i've been here I was a postdoc, and to a degree, pretty much just focused on this project. Now I have many projects of my own, a lab to run, proposals to write and students to continue to advise even though I am not at home, so I can't just focus on this one project. It's made some interesting pulls on my time this week and I'm still trying to figure it out really.

It's been good though and aside from Friday productive. Friday was marred by a migraine that the Imitrex did not kill, despite taking the full dose it only dulled. So by lunchtime I was toast and basically came back and sacked out on the couch for the rest of the day. It's worked 4 out of 5 times now, so I'm still happy about it, I think Friday I might have taken it too late for it to work properly, something I had been warned. Lesson learnt.

Today, so much fun. Breakfast with the Mathesons (yummy pancakes and earl grey tea!), followed by some shopping and then a trip to the Thunder Bay Fair. Carney was volunteering with the St John's Ambulance, but managed to sneak out and join us. It's been a long time since i've been to a fair, but it was fun, and I even got to go on the train with Sammy.

Some pretty reeds around my apartment.

Kim with Taylor. Despite this picture I had many smiles from Taylor today, last weekend she had some nasty teeth coming through so was a little grumpy (but still fell asleep on me, an effect I seem to have on babies.....). She's such a cutie!

Carney and Sammy on the ferris wheel, she loved it!

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mum said...

Carney and Kim's children are lovely,so pleased to see a picture.They make a very happy family.