Sunday, December 13, 2009

5hrs and 53 minutes!

Within 6hrs!

And a) I had fun; b) I ran more than I walked and c) I came in running! How about that, 4 out of 4! I really did have fun, this was a far more relaxed experience than my half marathon, I wasn't nervous, just went for it, and didn't stress about the time. Admittedly I probably could have come in sooner, but at 4 miles to go I knew I was going to make it in under 6hrs walking, so relaxed and slowed. But thats okay, next year maybe i'll try for a time. :0)

I'll blog about this more later, maybe when the pro photos are available, but here are a couple from today. Right now I have 3 ice packs on my leggies and can feel my eyes closing needing a nap.

Yay - I did it!

Leaving my house this morning, all bundled up. I was so glad it didn't rain today! It was 70F down at the start too, so nice and cool.

At the end! And at 86F, the last ten miles were HOT! It felt so good to get those flip flops and calf supports on!

And my awesome support team - Laura (back) who met me at the finish line with my flip flops and food, and Jenny (front) who came and collected me at 3am this morning to take me to the start, and even picked up this afternoon with pizza!


nicola@which name? said...

you rock, rhian, as does your support team!

RGW said...

Okay, so the car temp said 89F, the official Honolulu temp I just saw said 86F, so i've changed it....:0)

bsa said...

Congratulations! You did it! You did it! You did it! And I can't believe that kyou have already writtten about it! Amazing!