Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Food Inc.

Anyone else seen this movie? I just saw it on Netflix (it's on instant download) - Food Inc. - and would recommend everyone watch it. It is very "in your face", but I promise it does get over animal farming (with some pretty horrific images) and into crops.

I learnt some (many) things about soy that I never knew - Roundup Ready Soy.........soy beans resistant to Roundup pesticides, so are used extensively (86% of all US soy in 2005 was Roundup Ready beans), alongside the pesticide Roundup, both to the detriment of consumers and farmers (farmers are not able to self seed because the beans are patented, meaning they have to buy seed every year or risk being sued by Monsanto). Looking on the internet after I found there are quite a number of Roundup ready crops out there too - wheat, maize, sugar beet and many others.

Definitely will make me look harder for the non GMO crops.....


nicola@which name? said...

i will have to queue it on netflix!

RGW said...

Persevere with it - I watched it in two stints - the animal part is unpleasant enough to make you want to stop....but (for me anyway) it was the message about soy that was new info to me.