Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some Stats

Finish Time - 5 hrs 53 minutes and 26 seconds
Pace - 13.6 minute miles

Place - 11,060 (out of 20,304 finishers, 23,469 entrants)
Place in all Women - 4454 (out of 9921 finishers)
Place in Women 30-34 - 800 (out of 1732 finishers)

Number of Gus eaten - 4
Number of Gatorades drunk - 15
Number of Hammerite Perpetum drunk - 2
Best snack - Chex mix from the crowd
Number of potty breaks - 0 (well 2 pre-race)

Favorite Mile - 10 (downhill!)
Worst Mile - 15 (hot, no shade!)

Favorite Moment - seeing the first three male competitors, and the first wheelchair competitor coming over Diamondhead in the other direction from me. Man they are FAST!
Worst Moment - none really, miles 15-20 were super hot and gatorade started making me slightly nauseous, but really, there were no worst moments, I never lost sight of my goals.


nicola@which name? said...

very very cool.

Croughwell said...

Yeah, coming around the corner at mile 15 was bad with the sun in your eyes

kmw said...

Congratulations, what a great accomplishment!

DDd said...

Very impressive. Well done.