Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Good article on overpopulation

From the BBC - Overpopulation: The elephant in the room - it's an older article, but I thought a good one.

This is a subject that I had to address in my undergrad class, under Anthropogenic Impacts, and similar to evolution I was worried at how it would come across (especially here in Hawaii where large families are pretty much the norm). Surprisingly they were very receptive to it and most actually got this question (one from a previous exam rather than a new one from me) right on their exams.....:0)

"Ultimately the only solution to environmental damage and climate change is"
A - To stop dumping trash into the ocean
B - To stop moving oil by tankers
C - To reduce population increases
D - To increase coral reefs


nicola@which name? said...

ah. yes, i remember this article from when you shared it with me awhile back. and such a hard one for family planning. one for you and one for me make 2 the limit for couples.

DDd said...

Did you mean DECREASE environmental damage and climate change?

RGW said...

Ooops, typo!