Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Plans

It's Christmas week, and i'm finally feeling more in the festive mood. It's definitely weird seeing all the snowman and icicle decorations up, I much prefer the festive palm trees and Santas in hibiscus shorts, but I am afraid to say I have not decorated my own place. But plans are afoot.

My friend Laura and I are headed to the North Shore for Christmas eve and Christmas day to camp in a "little grass shack" right on the beach. We've planned a "stocking exchange", decorations, roasting a Tofurkey (Laura is a veggie) on the BBQ, hammocks, G&T, maybe a swim or two and some quiet time!

The campsite is pretty cool, it's luxurious camping compared to what i'm used to, but we decided on a shack just in case it rains (as it does in the winter on the North Shore) so we have some space, they have outdoor hot showers and even Wi Fi. Neither of us have been there before, but we've heard good things from friends. Can't wait!

Until then, enjoy a Christmas Honu!


nicola@which name? said...

sounds so fun! the shack is super cute! (i want one for the back yard!)
you won't be getting your christmas gift until you are here, so don't look for it in the mail, sorry!

RGW said...

Oooo, I wonder what it might be....:0) Your mom sent me a package, so sweet, give her a hug from me!

bsa said...

Somehow I don't see a shack; I see a turtle shell and I just don't want to stay in that. but your plans sound lovely, sound wonderful, in fact. I hope you have a most special time. We look forward to seeing you soon. your packet arrived in good shape and Santa has distributed appropriately. I can't believe you did all that you have.