Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yearly Goals 2009

Last January I set myself some goals for 2009, and I thought now was a good time to revisit them and see how they went, in a run up to writing a new set of 2010 goals in a few weeks. I called them baby steps as I knew some would be harder than others and I think everything in life should be done in baby steps - that way you're more likely to stick to it in the long run. So here is my 2009 update, 2010 list to come in January.

Packed Lunches
This i've been relatively successful with, some weeks more than others. When i've had the time (and the right kind of food) making 5 days worth of lunches on a sunday works the best for me. It's still a challenge for me, and mainly a time challenge and having the right food in the house or at work to begin with.

Terrapass my car
I'm going to admit to not doing this yet! Guess it's going to go on my 2010 wish list. My car is now nearly 2 years old, and only has 9000 miles on it. So in the grand scheme of things i'm not a huge driver (flying though......I hate to think of that carbon footprint!), but I still do need to do this.

No more buying soap/shampoo
Success! I have not bought any soap or shampoo this year and have made all my own! And i'm super happy about it, and so is my skin (it's never been so soft). The only skin issues i've had this year have been when i've used other ("fancy", expensive) store bought products and soaps I had left over - all my abscesses seem to have come about when i've been using deodorant, and in Canada I took some store soaps with me rather than my homemade (and had such dry skin for it). This just solidifies this goal for me to be a lifetime goal.

I do admittedly still have a large stock that i'm also sort of going through, but the challenge in this was really to stop using products with all the chemicals in them and even those "fancy" soaps and products in the stores do tend to have nasty preservatives in them. Unless it's homemade and preservative free, I don't want it near my increasingly sensitive skin. The question is what to do with those other soaps I seem to have? I am slowly regifting and giving them away, but do feel the guilt in giving away something i'm not prepared to put on my own skin. What would you do?

Only using natural cleaners
This i've been doing for a while now, but it's good to keep this one up. I have used bleach more here in Hawaii than in other places which I don't feel great about........and by more I mean maybe a teaspoon every 2 months to get rid of mold!

Spend less on gifts/make more gifts
This has been going pretty well. I still find it hard to resist when I see something perfect for someone. But i'm trying. Being on 75% salary is making me a little better at this.....

Get more exercise (run a half marathon)
This goal seemed to take a life of it's own! This year i've done over 400 miles. 0 in 2008, 400+ in 2009. I've run a half marathon, a 5K, a 10K and now a full marathon. I've lost 15lbs, I've also put back on 10lbs, so it's been a bit of a bounce. But I feel better, fitter. I'm not there yet. Even with this last week I wouldn't consider myself to be a "really fit" person. I would like to feel "really fit" again, and it's been quite a few years since I have. But I took the baby steps to the toddler level, 2010 is time for some teenage to adult size strides.

Buy less stuff
This has been somewhat enforced by my salary reduction, but it's a good thing, and to be fair to myself I was doing really well at it before the salary hit. My main buys still tend to be gifts, and this year plants, which I haven't had much success with. I still find myself needing to purge on a regular basis, and i'm not sure why since I don't buy anything....


Ronny said...

I write down my goals in a 2010 goals booklet. It is always in my wallet and I review it regularly. It keeps me focused on what really matters to me.

Enjoy and share,

bsa said...

Rhian--I loved the way you set goals and then consciously reviewed them. I am impressed that you made goals and that you knew what was on your list! three cheers! I like the idea of Ronny Goals Booklet and just printed it off for myself. It can be printed on both sides of the paper and then there are two copies.
About soap--if you want to get rid of your soap (not everyone is super sensitive--consider giving it to the local shelter. Ours, at least, always need it. I don't really think there is any ethical issue here.

nicola@which name? said...

AWESOME, rhian, you are doing wonderfully! about the soap, donate it to a shelter. they need it.

duh....just read the posts before mine.

kmw said...

Good job!!
Lately I've become somewhat addicted to purging too. It replaces the gratification of "getting" in a different way. It makes you feel lighter every time you unload it. Also it helps you down the road for your next move, less stuff to deal with, eh?

LSULiv said...

I have crazy sensitive skin, too! I'll have to look through your old blogs to find recipes for the soaps and stuff-- it's especially evident in the winter on the East Coast-- another reason to miss the islands!! Nice work on meeting your other goals and checking back on them :)