Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 - Baby Steps

So what can I (and we) do in 2009 to improve both ourselves and the planet we live on? Many things in fact, and they don't have to be large giant leaps that you could potentially fail either. Small changes do make a difference, and so are worth the effort, you don't have to go "whole hog", and there's nothing that drives me more crazy than the attitude "all or nothing". If you do nothing, nothing will change.

"If every American home changed just one lightbulb to an EnergyStar qualified bulb, we would save enough energy to light 3 million homes, save $600 million and prevent the equivalent of 800,000 cars worth of greenhouse gas emissions" Just one bulb per house. 
US Environmental Protection Agency

If you can't afford to buy all local or all organic, even a few items do count, if you don't have the time to make 5 days worth of packed lunches a week, even 1 day does make a difference, and for your health a 30 minute walk is better than no walk, you don't have to try and run marathons right away.

So some of these things I have been starting and doing, but i'm going to continue and improve on in 2009, so i'm putting them out there again. Here are my baby steps for a better me and a better environment in 2009 - 

- Packed Lunches 
As many days as possible

It's new and gets good miles, but this little thing has been missing this last year, and i'll fix that this year. 

- No more buying soap (other than bulk buy Bronner's for travel/camping)
Making all my own this year - less packaging, less plastic, less bad ingredients. For the bulk buy I have a jug I take in to fill, so no extra packaging there. 

- No more buying shampoo
Making my own shampoo bars and giving that a try - less packaging, less plastic, less bad ingredients. I am using up what I already have, which may take a while to go down, but this gives me a chance to perfect my recipes. 

- Only buy biodegradeable and natural house cleaners
I mostly do this already, but need a good bleach alternative for those few times I need a small amount to de-mould tile grout - suggestions? I've never found a good natural cleaner for this, trying out a Seventh Generation shower cleaner now.  

- Spend less on gifts - make more gifts
I love giving gifts, at any time of year, just little things I often see and pick up that I think will make a certain person smile. Makes me smile when I see people open things. I don't want to give this up but I want (and need) to save some $$, so am going to try making more "things" rather than buying.

- Get more exercise
I've been doing well, with so much foreseen change this next year, I hope I can keep this up. My goal this year is to run a half marathon by the end of 2009. I'm not a runner, but I do see the health benefits of doing so, and unlike the gym or classes, it's free exercise, so i'm hoping this goal will help me come to an "understanding" with running. I have less ship time this year too, which I hope will help with this goal. 

- Buy less
I live in a tiny house, I don't need much and with a potential move on the horizon, I don't need to get any more "stuff" right now. This goes to food as well as things, make more at home spend less on groceries. Hawaii food prices are killing me right now. 


nea said...

every little bit adds up, definitely. i love your homemade items and know others do too. i love homemade in general, because it means the person is thinking of me! i told everyone that this year, a personal card written to me is enough!
and terrapass...we almost got that for you for christmas!

RGW said...

Terrapass - for some reason on my old car on the Cape I bought a Terrapass from the moment I bought the car, but with Beach Belle she slipped the cracks.......I think more to do with my hectic year than anything else.......!