Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kaena Point Hike

What a fun way to spend a New Years day, a 5 mile roundtrip hike with the Watlings out to Kaena point - the westernmost point of Oahu. It was fun, and we got to see some breaching humpback whales and nesting albatross, as well as get very muddy! 

The trail - we started from the Haleiwa side, though this point can be got to either from the South or the North shore, on two different trails. 

Looking around the point to the South shore. 

Stopping for some snacks on the point in some shade. It wasn't too hot, but it did get muggy after a while. 

And one of the reasons to go, a nesting albatross up close. Beautiful. 


kyllimarjaana said...

I'm feeling --- like freely glidin albatros , my soul is - perhaps .

kmw said...

Very Nice Images. DW

bsa said...

What a perfect start to the new Year! happy New Year to you--and all good wishes...

An albatross! How special! What a wonderful photo!