Monday, January 26, 2009

Free Shipping

Well, i'm not an auntie again yet (as far as I know) but I did get something nice in the mail today. One thing I have learned living here is to take advantage of free shipping where you can. Shipping charges can be horrendous here, so when I had to order some books for work and ordered through Amazon, I ordered a few extra items to fit in with the free shipping. 

One thing i've been looking forward to is these jugs - 2 Gelo jugs from Bormioli. I've been looking for a replacement ice-tea container since I broke my old one ~6 months ago, and rather than buy the same jar I had before I wanted something a little smaller, something more suitable for just me and a little tougher. So I found these online a while ago and had been looking everywhere for a set here, so when I found them on Amazon jumped at the chance to get them on free shipping. 

Nothing too special about them, just small (1L), compact, inexpensive, thick glass, and to be honest, I just really like the shape of them. So even though i'm not going to be able to use them for a while, it'll make me smile knowing they're here for me when I get back.....:0)

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