Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Weather

I finished up my talk for the interview, so thats good, just need to practice it and potentially move a few things around. Gathering my gear for both the interview and for the dog mushing, having a problem finding "outer gloves", I only have "outer mittens" and apparently you need several layers of gloves instead. Needless to say Hawaii doesn't seem to have such things around, so it may be my first Alaska purchase. 

And now, as Kermit would say, here is the weather report for today.....

Honolulu, Hawaii  -   High 27C; Low 21C
Woods Hole, Massachusetts  -  High 1C; Low -1C
Berkeley, California  -   High 11C; Low 3C
London, Britain  -   High 3C; Low 2C
Punta Arenas, Chile  -   High 14C; Low 7C
Fairbanks, Alaska  -   High -41C; Low -44C

Yes folks, those minuses are in the right place......right at this moment it is -42C or thats -44F......apparently Fairbanks lives in that realm where Celcius and Fahrenheit converge......


kyllimarjaana said...

Here in Filand Karsamaki -25 C ! What you think ?

RGW said...