Saturday, January 3, 2009

More procrastination.....

As I was lying in bed this morning contemplating my toasty cup of tea going cold, I decided to give making a mug cozy for my favourite mugs a try. The mugs (below) are beautiful handmade mugs from the Cape, lovely and round and large, and hold just the perfect amount of morning tea, yet I haven't made a cozy for them as they are a little more awkwardly shaped. Or so I thought. It took me 30 minutes to whip out the below and it fits perfectly! 

And I now have a mug cozy to match my new we can be seen in public together.....:0)

Now what am I procrastinating about this time I hear you ask? Well I'm headed to Fairbanks on tuesday for a job interview, at the University up there. It's a great sounding job and an excellent university, but it's 99% certain the job is for an internal candidate, so it's probably a bust. That said i'm still excited and stressed about the interview. I'm trying to make my talk and try and get ready to interview again, it's been 2 years since my last one (Hawaii), so i'm a little out of practice. I'm also trying not to get too attached to this job, either way it's good practice and I get to see a little of Alaska briefly, and I get to take a dog mushing lesson, which i'm totally excited about! 


bsa said...

Rhian--I love the mug sweaters. Another hint--before making your tea, fill the mugg with hot water and warm the mug first. Better yet, boil the water in your mug in the microwave, then make your tea. Put the sweater on the now hot mug and crawl back into bed--your tea will stay warm for a good while.

Good luck in Fairbanks. Will you be there long enough to possibly see the northern lights? The university has an interesting museum giving a good overview to the geographical areas of Alaska. I think there is also a dog musher museum in Fraibanks. i hope the weather is really clear so that perhaps you can see Denali.

Need something to read oon the plane? We love the mysteries by Sue Henry--Murder on the Iditarod Trail comes right to mind, but they are all enjoyable and give a bit of insight into Alaska. The main character, a woman, raises and races dogs. Another myster author is Dana Stabenow--her books are best read in order.

The above are two fun authors--if you want more (perhaps when yo do move to Alaska) James Michener's Alaska is a wonderful fictional history of the state--but massive.

Now, aren't you glad you asked? At any rate--good, good luck!

nea said...

i have to put in an order for a mug "jumper." and another soap scrap sack. GOOD LUCK in AK! tracy (who lives in anchorage) informs me it is -12F right now, so pack a lot!

RGW said...

Well, we have to remember it was your husband/father's idea for the mug sweaters, made me go and look at design possibilities when he mentioned it once! I love them too, they really do work too!

I really hope to see the lights, I never have and would be wonderful! And as for murder on the iditarod, I borrowed that from you last year - wonderful read! I think I had probably better be brushing up on my talk and interview Qs on the plane!