Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well, I both wiped out and rocked it! 

After an interesting start (I fell off and face planted in the snow in the first 5 minutes), it all went great after that point, I had so much fun! The day started with being hauled on my own sled behind my instructors and we rode for 5 miles around a field, then followed by having my own dog team of 5 and doing it by myself! It was beautiful, the long drawn-out sunset in the background, ten miles through forest and over a pond, truly a dream come true. 

Thats me and my team, led in the front by Fish (white) and Barfa (brown)

Excited pups ready for the off! 

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nicola said...

as i said in my email...soooo cool! and i thought you were half joking in your poll!