Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rhian is....

....wishing she hadn't signed up for Facebook after all, as it's proving addictive. Damn you Stian. 

Rhian is happy however that Raytheon travel finally got their shit together and she has flights to fly to Punta Arenas next tuesday, going via SFO. 

Rhian is disturbed however that she's leaving tuesday and doesn't have the major component of the big experiment she's running down on the ship. She has been assured that it will arrive here tomorrow at the latest. Otherwise, there is little point in Rhian going on the cruise. 

Rhian is realising she's talking more and more about herself in the third person, and entirely blames Facebook. 


nicola said...

nicola was going to comment on rhian's third person dialogue but noticed rhian discovered this on her own. nicola also wants to say FB is most addictive in the first 48-72 hours, then the addiction wanes.

i swear. i think i went three whole days without logging on. (then i felt guilty for not having commented on friends' status statements!)

RGW said...

Rhian has been on FB for around 72hrs now, so hopes the slow down is near. Rhian might have to strangle Nicola's brother if this doesn't happen.