Friday, January 9, 2009

At -45C......

At -45C - 
  • The shiny leather on your "smart" shoes cracks and peals off
  • The laminate on your fancy ultralight waterproof jacket cracks and delaminates
  • When you throw boiling water into the air it freezes before it hits the ground
  • Your lungs hurt when you take that first breath walking outside
  • You can't leave any electronics in the car or the battery will be ruined
  • The "smog" from cars freezes instantly on leaving the tailpipe, leaving something called "ice fog" sitting over the town (as there is no wind here, it doesn't go anywhere)
  • You can't leave your shampoo in the car for fear of explosion
  • Your iPod really doesn't like it
It's been a interesting few days of learning how to deal with the cold. The interview I think went okay, but i'm really not sure. To be honest i've never been sure when i've come out of an interview so that doesn't really mean anything. I've had fun though, and i've met some really nice people and have potentially met some collaborators for the future, and that's always a great thing. I'm also going mushing tomorrow........:0)


nicola said...

wow. did you learn all that from experience? i hope not.

PleaseRecycle said...

And you're interviewing there??

The coldest I've ever been was 11 below in Boston. You may notice I don't live there any more....

RGW said...

Unfortunately most from experience.....I ended up throwing away my conference shoes they were in such bad state!