Thursday, January 22, 2009

One of "those" days....

...oh yes indeed, I say with another sip of my beer. 

I discovered that my car talks to me today. It said "please top up my tires". It's a very clever car. The only problem is to say that the check engine light comes on and it sounds three very loud beeps when you start the car, scaring the bejesus out of you at 8 in the morning. But at least it was something simple. But the day really just went downhill from there. The usual stuff. And my special tubes I need for an experiment i'm running at sea are still not in my hands. 

Apparently they are on the island, but they don't want to deliver them until Tuesday, when i've already gone. Nice. Living on a 30 mile island you would have thought getting something once it actually reaches here would be easy. So after probably more than 2hrs on the phone to VWR and to UPS, they've agreed to try and unload that crate tomorrow, call me when it's unloaded and I can drive my cute little car down to the docks and pick it up. Little do they know whether they phone me or not, me and my cute little car are going down there to stand in their office until it's unpacked. Irritating, annoying little Brit scientist? In the words of Palin "You betcha!". 

Guess all that rush shipping was worth it, 3 weeks ago when I ordered them......better yet i'm told the package weighs 40lbs, which is interesting, since what I ordered should weigh about half that. So i'm hoping it's just packaged "really" well, and they didn't throw the wrong thing in the box, like they did last order I made with them....... 

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