Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daily Mile

You might have noticed some new additions to my sidebar. I've just joined this site called the Daily Mile. It's basically a site that I can upload my workouts and interact with friends also doing workouts and trying to get to a fitness goal, be it walking around the block to running a marathon. I like it so far, it's keeping me motivated to go out and do so I can post up on there.

The three widgets i've uploaded have - how many total miles i've moved (since getting my Nike +, which was in Aug last year), what races i'm signed up to do, and how many donuts i've earned in the last month (I particularly like that last one....:0).

Some other stats this great website gives me - since using my Nike +, I have......

Run, swum and cycled 301.12 miles
Spent 61.14 hours training
Burnt 9 lbs of fat
Travelled 0.01% around the world
Powered 27.4 TVs
Burnt 174.40 donuts

Pretty cool huh.....:0)

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