Monday, March 8, 2010


Exhausted! I feel like I need another 24hrs in this day just to get everything done. It's 10.43pm and i'm not finished with a document I need to send off tonight. I'm taking a toast and honey (homemade honey from Cornwall!) break and will then get back at it, hopefully just word tidying to go!

The day just whipped past me, I had an 8am meeting with a grad student to show her round some histology, then i had a catch up lunch with a colleague, then it was a faculty meeting, then I sat at my computer for an hour, then it was 6pm already and I had an appointment with a gym for an orientation! Now, i'm exhausted! Luckily tomorrow a lie in as I have to hit the postoffice and bank on the way in and they don't open until 8.30am. I've always been a morning person, but even I find it depressing that sleeping in until 7am is a lie in these days......:0)

When I got back from Thunder Bay I have to say I thought the weather would be overwhelming. But it's been quite the opposite, windy, wet and cool (I'm not going to say cold). I'm sat in socks, sweat pants and a sweater, and i've been sleeping under my duvet (which hasn't appeared since I left Cape Cod 2 years ago!). I'm ready for it to warm up, even if I had had the weekend to play with, it really hasn't been beach weather at all. Lots of good rainbows though, I need to remember to take my camera in the car, the one above is from my phone.


Cherry B said...

What I always found loveliest about dark gray skies is that rainbows show up all the more vibrant against them! Hope your week improves :)

PleaseRecycle said...

Oh goodness. I hate that feeling of rushing; it is almost impossible for me to do a good job on something when I am TOO stressed! Taking a brain break helps a lot.

Hope everything calms down and you can catch up on your rest!

Nice double rainbow!

nicola@which name? said...

beautiful rainbow!
i hope your week mellows and you have a moment to breathe. i hate that feeling.

ps. the word verification for me is "grade" thought that was a bit humorous