Thursday, March 25, 2010

A trip around the island.

Today was a fun day, I took my first real furlough day (officially we're furloughed all week, though you wouldn't know it by looking in my building!) and took my friends Cheryl (who is staying with me) and Liz (who is sitting with the SEA boat in port) around the island!

First stop, the Pali overlook. Known as the windiest place on the island, and with good cause. Cheryl looks pretty under control, I had to hold down my t-shirt!

Black rocks, a very windy day all around the island, very choppy waves today.

Just past Sandys beach we saw an (endangered) monk seal!

Liz and I with the Monk seal in the background.

Eating Macadamia nuts from trees on the beach.

Stopping at a shrimp shack for lunch.......yum! Fresh caught this morning!

The carnage!

Stopping at Shark's cove for a wade.

Rainbows over the pineapple plantation......

And.....well......we had fun......:0)

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nicola@which name? said...

that food looks good, the rainbow is gorgeous. looks like a fun day!