Saturday, March 13, 2010


Thank goodness it's the weekend. And today I have done no work. I was debating just starting, but I think i'll watch an episode of "Dead Like Me" on netflix instead and fall asleep. Tomorrow will probably involve work, but that's okay, i'm swimming with Jenny in the AM and in the afternoon i'm showing a friend who just got off a research boat around Hawaii - I think i'll take him up to see the turtles in Haleiwa.

So today I have had a wonderful day. This morning I met Laura at the university gym and spent an hour and a half there, that was nice. We then went and had lunch and had a wander around the outlet mall (I didn't get anything) and a general catch up. Then headed home and actually had a snooze on the couch for nearly an hour! Got up, had some dinner and then wandered down to the gym i've been trying out and did another hour on the treadmill. I've actually really been enjoying this gym more than I thought I would. I still think it's a pain in the butt to get to and am not impressed at having to pay for parking, but i'm always amazed at just how much better I feel, mentally and physically, when i've taken the time to work out. This week has been a bear for various reasons, but being able to work out the frustrations has really helped. I have come to an understanding with running, but it's been really nice to use the weights machines, the rowing machines, the bikes etc., more to keep me interested. So we'll see.

My plan is to use the uni gym in the evenings next week for comparison and make a decision. I'm not rushing into it. But this week has really reminded me that I need to invest in my health, makes it easier to cope with life's ups and downs.

And the photo? I've not had my camera out today, so this is a dredge from the archives - this is 2000m down on the New England Seamounts - in the middle of the North Atlantic. Lots of deep-water corals down there, like something out of Dr Seuss sometimes.


nicola@which name? said...

good plan and i am so glad you are getting just a little down time!

BSA said...

Your blogs are always such an inspiration to me. Am in NY, tired and you just convinced me to go down and work out for a bit before I crash! Many thanks!