Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Friday!

Certainly for this wee turtle, what a great story for the start of a weekend. Message from the Research Vessel Atlantis working in the Pacific on the Galapagos Spreading Center -

Atlantis on station , position 02-36'N, 094-52'W, in the EEZ of
galapagos for Atlantis cruise 15-63 (Sinton) Alvin dive #4593 in

Captain walking on deck sees something floating in the distance. Color
is yellow @ 1000 meters away, asks Alvin "top lab" in communication with
the submersible, for permission to investigate.

Object turns out to be an illegal fishing longline. Tangled in the mess
is a sea turtle.

Deck crew frees turtle,
turtle swims off.

photos by Rod Catanach.

Best regards,
AD (Captain)

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nicola@which name? said...

i knew finnian was wearing his alvin shirt for a good reason today! LUCK!