Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to Hawaii....for a few weeks...

I'm back in Hawaii, for a little longer this time, 5 weeks. Then it's off to Alaska. Yikes, better start thinking about that trip sometime soon! The meetings were buys but hopefully fruitful, only the next few weeks will tell. It was good to meet the NSF program managers, these are the folks that help decide the fate of my proposals, so it was good to chat and get their recommendations, and I caught up with some familiar faces who just so happened to be there too.

On the last afternoon (yesterday) my friend Kathy and I worked on a paper for a few hours after the meeting, then headed for the whirlwind tour of downtown DC. It was hot hot hot, but it was awesome to see just about everything I wanted to see, even a quick stop in the Natural History Museum.

The White House, which actually was white..
Loved this. This is the White House Kitchen Garden, looks like they've got quite a good bounty this year!
The Lincoln Memorial. We did a good walking tour of many of the monuments and memorials, everything is pretty close together in DC which was nice as we had really limited time in the afternoon.
The Washington Monument as seen from the reflecting pool at Abe Lincoln's feet.
The Washington Monument on a beautifully sunny afternoon.
Cosmopolitans and oysters with Kathy, does it get much better, and much more DC, than that?


Nicola (Which Name?) said...

5 weeks? Are you sure it is that long? for some reason I thought S was meeting you in 4 weeks.
DC looks...HOT!

RGW said...

Yes, it's 5 weeks.....don't scare me like that!

RGW said...

Yeah okay, so it's just over 4 weeks, but lets split the difference....:0)