Saturday, July 17, 2010

In Washington DC

Well, i'm in the Nations Capital, Washington DC. A day early than planned. Interesting story that includes me not checking my ticket that I thought had me flying out friday, until tuesday, and discovering I actually was booked for Thursday. Good thing I checked. But luckily my friend Diane was still willing to put up with me a day longer than planned and took me in for a friday of pretty much R&R&REI. Well, you know how much I love an outdoor store....:0)

I'm here for meetings next week then fly back next thursday, so it's really a fleeting visit, but planned to stop by the Adams family to catch up and meet the very cute kiddos Dahlia and Davin for the weekend. Today we had a fantastic day, we went past the Capitol Building, went into the botanical gardens, had lunch on the Mall and even stopped by the Air and Space museum and saw an awesome exhibition on planet pictures.  It's super hot and humid out, but today was the perfect mix of inside and out. This week some of us at the meeting have plans to see some of the sites by night, when it's a little cooler and all lit up. There is so much to see here as i'm just discovering, unfortunately I had no time to do research on DC before I left and I really wish I had.

Some pics from today -  

The Capitol Building. As this foreigner had to be told, this is where the US "parliament", otherwise known as the House of Representatives and the Senate, happens. Very grand.  Diane also told me that no building in DC can be taller than the lady of freedom on top of the dome. One thing I had noticed flying into DC is the lack of giant wads of skyscrapers, it makes the city quite beautiful without them. 

The Washington Monument at the end of the National Mall, always see this in movies.....:0) Despite this picture it wasn't a gray day, it was quite bright and beautiful, must have been the haze on top of the hill. 

The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Was a lot of fun! 

And a hot dog picnic on the Mall. Yum! 


Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Welcome back to the mainland! Is that the D family?

RGW said...

Yup, that's the D family, so much fun!