Monday, July 12, 2010

A slight whinge....

Okay, so one of the things I will NOT miss about Hawaii. How darn expensive it is here. In everything. I just went to get some prescription inhalers, and bam, i'm down $60. For 2 inhalers. It's the first time i've tried to get them here in Hawaii (I usually try for the UK as they're cheaper there, but I have got them before in MA and they were ~$40 for the same). Turns out they don't do generics of either of my inhalers at the major pharmacy in Hawaii. Ish! Its 9pm and I have no idea where the next different pharmacy is around here and to be honest just do not have the time to search right now so I bit it this time, but man, it's going to be a big search before I get that refill, $60 no way! Even if I have to not breathe between now and Maine. Well okay, that's a little far, but you get how pissed off I am at this right now. 

So that's my whinge over. On the other side you do get some great oddities here, though admittedly this might be all around the US. Check out some of the great store items i've found in the last couple of days.  

For the child who wants to work in a abattoir....

...and those who want to learn to eat healthy. The best bit about this one is that it's advertised as environmentally friendly wooden toys. Can't toys be environmentally and health friendly at the same time? Is this really where the BPA crisis has lead us......wooden donuts??

And for all those purple people like myself, rest assured you are calming, relaxing and focused. Not to mention Superliminal.


Nicola said...

Some of the play wooden food cracks me up. They have cake ones, candies, etc. too. But then they also have sushi which I think is cool.

And the wooden toys...skip them and go for felt. I wish I had.


RGW said...

I like wooden toys (educational and healthy ones that is), felt isn't so good for little kids, doesn't last as long, and it's just hard to make a train that a kid will play with out of felt or yarn (i've tried the later!). I just find it so amusing where the wooden toy industry is going!