Sunday, July 11, 2010

Super Sunday

What a great way to end a weekend, it's an afternoon like today that I will sorely miss when I move from Hawaii. At 5pm I went on my long run of the week - 7 miles - around Diamond Head volcano and Kapiolani Park. Doug is away in San Diego this week, so Jenny and little Hannah came down to meet me at the end of the run for a swim and picnic on the beach. It was perfect. The water was warm, Hannah had a blast, the sunset beautiful, and the healthy picnic fantastic. It really was perfect. Thanks so much Jenny and Hannah! I hope we fit in a whole lot more of these days before I go. 

I LOVE how this photo came out. It really captures the glee Hannah had in running in and out of the surf with mamma. She is really enjoying the water these days, and just loves running in and out up to her knees.

She found a stick on the beach so set about digging up some holes, while I got to cool off after my run.

The beach is so much fun!

And the picnic was just perfect.

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Nicola (Which Name?) said...

I agree...those are the people and moments you will miss. Beautiful. A little bit of paradise in your life!