Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It's one of those weeks i'm barely having time to sleep, so it may be a while before anything meaning goes up here. I have two proposals to finish up before I go. Scrap that, I have one proposal to finish up, and one to start and finish up before I go. Add in the normal mix of papers to review, students to help, meetings, dive course to finish sunday and everything else that goes along with "doing science" and I'm pooped. My brain didn't turn off enough to sleep until 1am last night, and then woke right back up again at 5am. But the 19th August is creeping up, and that is when i'm out of here, off to Alaska and going kayaking for 7 days before doing some really fun projects for 3 weeks, so if I only sleep every other day to get it done before I go, i'm not going to complain, it'll be worth it.

Stand back, i'm going to DO science!

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