Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the way to N

Lat - 62' 15S
Long - 58' 43W
Air temp - 0.5C
Sea State - Bumpy, wind 20knots

So we had a little excursion today, which was lots of fun. We finished Station B, our last official station in the early hours of yesterday morning. After a few days of bad weather it was serious catch up time, so we all kicked in beyond our shifts and got it done. Phew. 
So today we were woken by a fire alarm (well, I got woken early by Stian luckily.....dating the MPC does have it's benefits....:0) to be told we were off on a zodiac ride, into Potter Cover on King George Island. Total boondoggle, but it was great to touch land and see somewhere new. We rode in the zodiacs into a shallow beach with a large colony of Gentoo penguins. Took some time taking photos, then I headed away from the crowd and to a small beach with some beautiful mossy rocks. Others took off on their own, or en-masse up a cliff. Stian had to stay with the zodiacs....:0( It was so nice to have some quiet time and hear nothing, absolutely nothing. Until people starting sliding down the hill on their arses, then all you could hear was 'weeeeee'.....which to me was a shame, but they had fun and let out some energy. 

So it's back to the boat and we're off towards our bonus station, Station N (for North....hmmmmm). We have two short days here then it's back across the Drake and back to PA. Things have gone quickly, but after nearly 4 months at sea this year, I am ready to head in. Plus I have a lovely trip to Echo lake with Stians family to look forward to, then a trip to Bologna with Stian. Yay! 


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nea said...

you mean the N isn't for MY name?!