Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Station AA

Lat - 63' 03S
Long - 61' 35W
Depth - 601m
Air Temperature - -2C
Sea State - Bergy bits and flat calm

We just finished our nice long transit to Station AA (or Coral Nirvana as it was called in Feb). We stopped briefly at Station B to drop a CTD to collect water and got some mud for the mud maniacs too, and we'll stop by there as the last station before we head back to the Drake (we'll be leaving a camera on the seafloor there until Feb, but need it at Station AA before we can do that). I think i'm ready for my manic few days. We just got a CTD, so I have lots of bottom water to cultivate my little larvae in. All the tanks are full and 'curing' for the next few hours, i'll change out the water again just before the trawl comes up with the corals. I made up all my chemicals, labelled all my tubes and double checked all my fridges are at the right temperatures. We're set for a trawl at 9am (it's now 1am), so i'm going to head to bed and get ready to get up for the trawl. 

Here we go, wish me luck, I hope we get the same number of corals we did in Feb!! 

K-Way - Stian is drooling at the thought of a burrito place right in the hole, i moved too soon..........and definitely nail Phil down! 


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