Thursday, July 17, 2008


Lat - 68' -8S
Long - 71' 01W
Area - Station G (Marguerite Bay)
Water Depth - 602m

Air Temperature - -17.8C
Sea State - "Grey and white new ice"

So it's our last few hours at Station G and it's snowing like crazy out there! Really pretty. We're still in the ice and in general it's icier than when we got here, so think it's still building. Stian tells me it's "grey and white new ice", I think a step above pancake in the ice realm, but certainly pretty. Things are still icing over on deck a lot, we had a trawl haul of mud that froze as we were sieving it, so that made it really hard to deal with. I did get a couple of corals, all extracted and put away in the freezer for analysis at home. Nothing big enough to get larvae from, I'm still thinking that won't  be until Station A. It's fun, if cold. Yesterday was a bad one, outside literally all day, my feet were so cold, had to go and get some hand warmers and stuff them into my socks (to the call of "princess" yet again from Stian...."), and that was better, but it was still damn cold. The next site is not too much further north, so not expecting too much of a change, except it probably won't be as icy, and it's way more exposed, so wouldn't be surprised if this lovely flat calm weather we've been experiencing goes away for good. Poop. 


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