Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some random answers....

So before I left I set it up so I can get the comments left on here
emailed to my ship account, so now I can see what you all are leaving
on my blog while i'm away. So some random-ness -

NEA - size 8, we miss you too! Loved the Bella and Finn pix!
BSA - Still finding things missing, but yup there's not much I can do
about it from sea. So f**k it and move on.......
BookyG - Fine, pink fluffy bunnies would have been soooooooooo much
better though.........:0) I'll check it out when i get back to

So other things I've figured out i'm missing - my nice mouse that has
the ball on top so doesn't roll off the table when the ship rolls, and
some various stationary items. I did go and get myself another pair of
crocs in PA (boring, khaki, cheapy ones, not much choice in that
town), much to Stian's amusement, but they are so much easier when
your going in and out all the time - you have to wear steel toe boots
outside, and inside you can't track mud everywhere so need to take
them off. Slip on shoes work great, and it's heated in here, so crocs
work fantastically, and if they get muddy, you just rinse them off.

Stian is still chuckling........that explanation just caused me to be
called 'princess' for about the 50th time this cruise..........

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PleaseRecycle said...

Hey Rhian, SMK here. I feel your pain with missing things! Last summer I went to a conference in Switzerland and on the way home, British Airways lost my luggage. Permanently!

And the replacements are never as good as the originals!