Thursday, July 10, 2008

We're off.....again....

We leave around midday today. It's been a mix of super mellow and super busy, though pretty much organised now, which is nice. It's been marred for me a little, as i've had some things taken from my boxes while they were stored here in between the cruises. Not anything major, not even anything you would think anyone would want (my orange crocs, cliff bars, alarm clock, dremel tool), it's just nasty knowing someone went through your things. They could have fallen out of the bag they were in, but it's a pretty good zippered bag, and even if they did, don't you think someone would have picked them up and thrown them either back in or somewhere? Pain in the butt, the alarm clock and crocs are the ones that are really pissing me off. 

So i'll post about this cruise when we leave today and I have a bit more time (just headed to the postoffice before we have to be on the boat at 10am), but i'm afraid there will be no photos on this one, as we don't get near a connection at all. So just words, but i'll update more than the last cruise and keep you posted on where we are and what we're up to. 

Hope you all have a great July! 


bsa said...

The 'loss' of possessions is one thing, but the feeling of violation is worse. I hope you are ok and can shrug your shoulders,sa 'oh shit, fuck, damn', and then put it behind you.

Have a wonderful cruise. Will you actually notice the days getting longer?

BTW the word verification scheme is wonderful, but this one was a real killer for aging eyes {;>)

nea said...

oh, that is violating. safe travels to you guys. missing you lots.
also, what size shoes do you wear?