Thursday, February 19, 2009

At Palmer Station.....

Lat - 64 46.48S
Long - 64 03.31W
Temp - -4.2C

We got here finally! We've had a busy day too, just topped off with some yummy pizza provided by the station, was delicious. Now to get a few online things done and head over to the science talks and 80's party. Before you ask, no I don't have a costume, but as many I know are bringing oodles of makeup, I see a "Make up Rhian" session after a few cold ones.

Tomorrow we head out at 10am and will be on station by around 6pm to start sampling. This cruise I am on the nightwatch, thats midnight to midday. But, although in theory I don't start until midnight, one of the first things to be done will be water collecting, which I need to start my larvae culturing when we collect them, so i'll be up and around for long before my official watch. It's a short sampling station though - this is an area we're just doing a few quick things at, then moving to our northern station to start the full sampling - so there's a good chance it's not going to run all the way to midday, so I should at least manage to get to bed at an earlier time.

One real bummer for the day - I went to see the Palmer doctor today for her to take a look at my wrist - I pulled something the first day of unloading and it's been bugging me since, but today has been killing me and even swelled up. Luckily no bones broken, bad news is that i've torn a tendon that connects into my thumb, the funky swelling/buldge in my forearm being the end of the tendon where it's torn. This means a brace for 6 weeks and no lifting over 5lbs with that hand. Two things that don't go well for me on cruises. Ug. But at least I got it looked out, or I would just be hurting all cruise and be frustrated at not knowing why it was not getting any better. I'm a little bummed. 


nicola said...

lots of blue eye shadow should do it. that sucks about your tendon. you are not having body part luck before these cruises!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I am in pain just thinking about that...K-way