Friday, February 27, 2009

On the way to E

Lat - 66 42.44S
Long - 69 01.92W
Temp - -11.5C

Station G (the 'cursed' station as we're all now calling it) is done, dusted and we're on our way north at 11knots to Station E. Phew is all any of us can say, we had our fair share of bad luck at G (lost box core, broken winch, bounced megacore and many hours wasted trying to get the bottom camera to work) so are ready for a fresh start at Station E. This is also one step closer for me, as after Station E, we're headed to Station AA, aka Coral Nirvana Station, time to start prepping again to get those experiments going.........

Relaxing waiting for the buoy (in the background) to be picked up by the ship....

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