Monday, February 23, 2009

Station G

Lat - 68 08.55S
Long - 71 01.25W
Temp - -15.5C (and snowing....)
Wind Speed - 40 knots

Yup, thats 40 knots of wind. We left Station F just before breakfast today, after finishing all the planned sampling (we still have to return and take photos with the camera we are picking up at G) and proceeded on to Station G. As I climbed into my bunk at 2pm the seas were good and we were making good time. When I was first woken up at 4pm by being tossed around in my bunk, the wind was up to 40 knot gusts. So we're being tossed around right now, but at least we can still work, not on many things, but we have been able to do two trawls here and a CTD to collect water. Now some plankton pumps are headed over the side for a few hours, and hopefully things will have calmed down further so we can continue. We really need to pick up that camera, but the weather has to be really calm for us to be able to do that, so hopefully it'll flatten out soon, the barometer is certainly starting to bottom out!

Otherwise all else is going well so far. The swelling on my wrist has gone right down, so thats good, still can't do too much with it which is a real pain, but it's getting figured out. I've got a few anemones here and there from the trawls, no corals as yet, but I don't expect many from down here. Really just waiting for the big move north.....

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nicola said...

bella says "hi. i miss you. where's rhian?" i will tell her station G :)