Friday, February 20, 2009

Best laid plans......

Lat - 64 51.71S
Long - 65 23.28W
Temp - -10.6C

We started sampling today - woo hoo for getting some work done! All was going well, the camera was recovered from the seafloor quickly (it's been there for 8 months taking a photo everyday), we collected lots of water so I started washing and prepping my tubes, we then
started on the three box cores we need at this station. It was then the ETs came out and said the camera was broken, though some great photos were taken, it short circuited and stopped taking photos in November. While this is sad it messes up the whole cruise plan, as we needed that camera to do towed camera surveys at each of the study sites. The only option we have now is to go to the most southern site where there is another camera sitting on the seafloor and hope that one is working. This however means station AA, where I was to collect my corals to do my temperature experiments until the end of the cruise. This means that when we do sample, provided we are on time, I will have exactly 10 days to run the experiment before we'll get into the Drake Passage, where the weather will be too rough to do anything. Arse. But as always at sea, you have to be flexible......

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